Building the Future of Veterinary Medicine in Indiana

The Indiana Animal Health Foundation is excited to bring you The Vetplex.  The IAHF will act as the fundraising entity for this project.  This venture will truly impact the public with your help.  As a partner, your financial support will assist the Indiana Animal Health Foundation to promote the importance of veterinary medicine in the lives of people. 

After several years of discussion and planning, the Indiana Animal Health Foundation (IAHF) Board of Directors met on May 11, 2016, and approved moving forward with developing a fund-raising plan to build a veterinary building on the grounds of the Indiana State Fair (ISF) in Indianapolis. The “Vetplex”, will provide a year-round facility for use by the IVMA/IAHF and the College of Veterinary Medicine. The Indiana State Fair Commission (ISFC) will have two educational staff offices in this building and will utilize this building as a primary space for educational outreach and renting of the space for meetings and as an event space.
Initial building designs are complete; the building would contain approximately 8400 square feet for general public interaction exhibit space along with a classroom for meetings, public restrooms, large animal entrance with observational area, small animal pre-operative area, small animal operating room with full glass viewing window, small animal kennel, staff lounge with staff restroom and shower, and 3 overnight living spaces for use during extended educational events. In addition, In addition, the building will have a 12’ deep porch on 3 sides (west, south and east).

The VET will be located on the north side of the ISF campus at the primary north side public
walk in gate (Gate #12). This area of the ISF campus has become the “Educational Corridor” of the campus. The Glass Barn, as well as the Normandy Barn, are two essential components of this area along with Pioneer Village as well as the Family Fun Park. In addition, the FFA Pavil-ion and the 4-H Exhibit Complexes round out the north side of the ISF campus.

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The purpose of the Vetplex will be to bring attention to and education about the importance of veterinary medicine in the lives of all people specifically relating to the profession’s essential role in the production of high quality animal based protein, advancing human health by advancing medical science, improving the human-animal bond and improving the efficiency of animal agriculture through the highest level of animal wellness and care. This year-round facility will be host to the nearly 1 million attendees of the ISF, but will also be used as a center for outreach to the citizens of Indiana and specifically those underserved and underrepresented citizens who live in central Indiana allowing for hands-on education. The bridging of animal health with human health will be a key focus of this direct education resulting in the improvement of the lives of the citizens of Indiana and visitors to Indianapolis.
The Vetplex is a project of the IAHF as a means to further advance its organizational mission and purpose. The IAHF will act as the fundraising entity for The VET, while the ISFC will serve as the project owner as this building will reside on the ISF campus and be property of the ISFC on behalf of the citizens of Indiana. As the IAHF is a recognized 501(c)(3) entity, it will be able to receive the donated funds for this project while offering those donating the tax benefits of their contributions.
Plans call for the completion of the building project to occur in August, 2018. The IAHF is currently working with a marketing firm to develop the plan for raising the funds. Stay tuned in the coming months as the Foundation works with the veterinary community to build this exciting and permanent fixture that will highlight veterinary medicine in Indiana.