Service Annimal Support (SAS) Program
A partnership between veterinarians, pet owners, and animal lovers!

What is the Service Animal Support (SAS) Program?

The Indiana Animal Health Foundation (IAHF) established the SAS Program in 2011 to help ensure a source of funding for veterinary care for active and retired service animals and fire and police department animals cared for by Indiana Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA) members. The SAS Program highlights the partnership between veterinarians, their clients and other pet owners who understand the benefit and power of a service animal in our society. Veterinarians are, by nature, generous and kind individuals who quietly assist these service animals and their clients, often times without compensation.
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SAS Program
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What animals are eligible for the SAS Program?

How is SAS funded? 

Funding for the SAS Program is primarily through generous donations from veterinarians, pet owners and animal lovers. We encourage veterinarians to promote the good work of the SAS Program in their practices.

What are the qualifying criteria for veterinarians to participate?
Veterinarians must be members of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association to participate in the SAS Program. Participating clinics must publicize the program in their practices by displaying posters and making available brochures to their clients.
What is the turnaround time for reimbursement? 
Grant requests are reviewed quarterly.

What animals are eligible for the SAS Program?

Service animals as defined in the American with Disabilities Act and fire and police department service animals are eligible for the SAS program as well as retired police K9s.

What medical expenses are covered?  
Wellness examinations, vaccinations, routine lab tests such as fecal exams and heartworm tests, as well as expenses for sick and emergency cases may be covered.
Is there a limit on the costs covered for each animal? 
Yes, funds are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis each quarter. To be considered, you should submit a Service Animal Support Grant Application. Completed reimbursement forms will be reviewed by the SAS Oversight Committee. If the application is approved, the veterinarian will collect the release and consent form from the client and submit the form to SAS. Grant payments are paid directly to the veterinarian upon SAS’s receipt of an invoice, the signed release and consent form. Payment will not be made to other providers beyond licensed veterinarians. Payment under no circumstances will be made directly to the client. Grant amounts are limited to $600 per year, per clinic.